Fitness Programs


Recovery is extremely important in preventing post tennis/exercise fatigue and risk of an injury.
During our sessions we will use different methods that will aid the regeneration process and free up body tension. Say good bye to sore muscles and say hello to a new challenge! Some of the methods used are rolling, stretching, massage gun, compression machine therapy, ice treatment, etc…

Tennis Fitness Boot Camp
Join us for a different fitness experience! This intense boot camp will cover cardio and full body workout using unique combination of tennis and fitness drills making you strong and capable on and off the tennis court!

1/2h Body Strength Clinic
If you want to add more burning to your core and gluteus muscles join us for post clinic workout! These muscles groups are extremely important for applying proper tennis technique and endurance on the tennis court. It will be intense and very effective!

Personal Training
Combining data from your free fitness assessment and information about your lifestyle we will create a plan that is tailored to your goals. Using the latest fitness methods during on court sessions or at your own home, we will unlock the results you want!

Kid Fitness (7-12 yrs.)
During each session kids will learn and practice functional movements involving exercises that are fundamental to all things kids need to do when they play, pull, push, run, throw, climb, lift and jump.  We will do focus drills that develop critical thinking and reasoning skills, and we will discuss healthy lifestyle practices that will last a lifetime. 

Recovery sessions, private group fitness sessions and one-on-one training will be available per request every day of the week. Body Strength Clinic and Boot Camp schedule will be determined shortly. Stay tuned!

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Recovery - $65/30min
Tennis Fitness Boot Camp - $45/h, $150/weekly
1/2h Body Strength Clinic - $30/30min
Personal Training - $160/h
Kids Fitness Clinic - $35/h
 *Non members +$10